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2012 march 
Afternoon World Trip

Play 9+4 variations of the pairs game (concentration, memory, pexeso) - including mahjong variation "shisen sho".

Travel arround the globe to take place in an international tournament and visit 100+ locations.

Finish each level to see a beautyful panorama in large size.

Try to beat the given times and compete with your own or online highscores.

Download for FREE (54 levels) from Android Market:

Travel arround the globe to play in over 100 different locations.
Have fun when the earth changes from daytime to night, with all larger cities visibile by their lights on the high resolution world map.

In "open pairs" simply find pairs from many visible symbols - while levels increase in difficulty.

In Shisen-Sho only pairs that connect with 2 or less lines can be removed.

In "few" gamemode look for the needle in the haystack: Between many single symbols only a few pairs are hidden.

"Slide-3" requires you to slide arround the symbol rows and columns in order to have all 3 touch each other.

Finish each of the 100+ levels to see high resolution panoramas - each wider than than your screen.

Afernoon World Trip - playing a few of the 54 free levels

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